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I'm Sunil Kumar and I'm a

I am a 3rd-year computer science engineering student at Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer. I am also working as a freelance SEO Marketer and Tech Content Writer. I am volunteering in IEEE and also a Google Crowdsourcve Influencer. I started two platforms- KnownLancing and GeekSwags; in Knownlancing, we are connecting needy financial students to freelancing, and GeekSwags is a WooCommerce powered eCommerce platform to sell geek t-shirts. I am also part of various open-source communities and actively participate and organize events. My current goal is to become a Google Associate Cloud Engineer. I am also focusing on UX design, Project management skills, and public speaking skills.

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Freelancing Training

I am delivering freelancing training to skilled students. Contact at info@knownlancing.co to join us.


We are setting a digital presence of your new business and supporting well-settled business in SEO/SMO.

Portfolio Design

We are developing a clean portfolio website for students as well as professionals at a very low price.

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My creative skills & experiences.

I am experienced in many fields. I started my freelancing journey by designing social media posts, later written blogs for others; after that, I did SEO writing. No, my projects are focused on local SEO. But all these I am doing to pay for my studies. My real interest is in IT support, cloud, and UX designing. I am willing to start my entity and am currently focused on teaching myself various technologies and working on my skills.

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Social Engineering 90%
IT Support 60%
Content Writing 80%
WordPress and Frontend 50%
Social Media Marketing 70%

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Feel free to contact me to discuss relevant projects, invite me to speak at events about open source and cloud tutorials, or say hi!

Sunil Kumar
Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
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